Posted on: Jul 24, 2020


With the announcement of Governor Walz's Executive Order 20-81, there are new requirements you need to be aware of for participation in Delano Community Education's programs/activities. 

Starting on Saturday, July 25, 2020, anyone 6-years-of-age or older are required to wear a face-covering, that covers the wearer's nose and mouth completely when attending a Delano Community Education sponsored event/activity.

 Enrichment Programs:  The face-covering must be worn throughout the program (from the time the participant is dropped-off until the participant is picked up).

 Recreation Programs:  The face-covering must be worn while waiting to be checked-in for your program up to the point when the physical activity starts.

  • An example of this is when an athlete arrives for a Basketball camp. The athlete is required to have a face-covering on when they get out of their vehicle, while waiting to be checked-in by their coach, and bringing their bag down to the court. Once they are ready to participate in physical activity, where they will be exerting themselves, they are allowed to take their face-covering off. The athlete will be required to put their face-covering back on once they are off the court and gathering their belongings to leave. Their face-covering is required to stay on until they reach their vehicle to leave the campus.
  • The same will be expected of athletes participating in camps/activities taking place outdoors, such as Tiger Strength, Tennis programs, or any other camp using School District space. You are required to wear a face-covering until you are checked-in and physically participating in your activity. 
There is a list of exempt individuals included in the Executive Order that can be seen using the following link.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with this new Executive Order.