Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

Delano Early Childhood Family Education is here for you!

What is Early Childhood Family Education?
ECFE is Early Childhood Family Education. It is for you and your young children from birth up to kindergarten enrollment.

  • Supports parents in their child raising efforts;
  • Offers information about child development and parenting techniques/tips;
  • Helps parents and their child communicate better;
  • Gives children an opportunity to discover and learn;
  • Promotes positive parental attitudes; and
  • Provides information on community resources available to parents and children.

ECFE recognizes that families provide children their first and most important learning environment and that parents are children’s first and most significant teachers.

ECFE is the beginning and first link young families have with District 879 schools.

Parent / Child Time:
The class begins with parents and children working and playing together at learning centers for 30 minutes. The children’s classrooms and activities have been especially designed for young learners.

Group Circle Time:
Families then join together for about 10 - 15 minutes for songs, movement and games that are led by the Early Childhood Teacher.

Parent Discussion Time:
During the last 45 minutes, parents are involved in a parent discussion time while their child remains in the children’s classroom with a licensed Early Childhood teacher.

What’s Parent Discussion Time About?
Discussion time is a chance for parents to talk to other parents and professionals about everyday questions that come up in any family. Bedtime routines, first dental visits, holiday stresses, school readiness, discipline and community resources are a few of the topics that can be discussed. Families come from every kind of lifestyle, the main thing they have in common is an interest in their child’s development and parenting.  

What Else Does ECFE Offer?
Each semester you will find a variety of special events, which may include field trips, parent education opportunities and more!

How Do I Find Out What Is Being Offered?
Click here to browse through the interactive PDF edition of our current brochure.
Click here to access on-line registration.
The ECFE classes and activities are held in the Community Education Center located at 2nd St. and Elm Avenue in Delano. The room number for each class is listed at the end of each class description.
We encourage you to register early, as space in classes and activities is limited. Unless otherwise indicated, registration for ECFE classes and activities will be taken until the day the class begins or the activity is held. You may register by mail or in person at ECFE, 140 Elm Avenue E., Delano, MN 55328; by phone at 763.972.6210 or on-line by clicking here. ***Need destination for link***
ECFE fees are based on the sliding fee schedule below.

Are fees a problem? All families are welcome. No individual or family who resides in District 879 will be turned away from participating in any ECFE parent/child class because of the inability to pay. If you have any questions regarding the fee schedule, please call Dawn Hilgers at 763-972-6210 ext 1103.

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On-site child care will be available for siblings of children who are enrolled in an ECFE Parent-Child Class.

Sibling Care Fee:
$40 per child / $60 family max / per 10 week class
$60 per child / $90 family max /  per 15 week class
Pre-registration for child care is required. Call the ECFE office at 763-972-6210 ext 1103.
You can call the ECFE office and a parent educator will be happy to visit with you and give professional advice about your parenting joys and concerns. Questions typically include:
  • Activities for children
  • Support and information on parenting questions
  • Child development and family relationships
  • Referrals to community based services
Call Dawn at 763-972-6210 ext 1103 or Darcy at ext XXXX, leave a voicemail message and we will return your call.