Websites for Parents

Parenting Information Websites provides resources for families to understand developmental milestones and learn if there are concerns. This helps families take the lead in seeking additional support or referring their child for a comprehensive, confidential screening or evaluation at no cost. Minnesota's Help Me Grow is an interagency initiative of the State of Minnesota Department of Education, Department of Health and Department of Human Services. We partner with all local service agencies. is a website co-hosted by, mom, Marti and, daughter, Erin Erickson. Marti and Erin invite you to explore with them the many facets of motherhood in today’s world – from confronting the daily joys and struggles of helping kids grow up well, to balancing work and family to considering the big questions of how society views and values mothers and motherhood. is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which is helpful to parents who are looking for researched based information regarding:
Diseases and Conditions, Environmental Health, Immunizations Recommendations, Healthy Living, Workplace Safety and Health and many more topics. has free text messages to keep you and your baby healthy. is a great source of information, support, and resources to those affected by birth injuries, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy or other disabilities. 

Take a look at a parenting website – there is always something to learn and discover!