Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening (ECS) is required by state law and must be completed before a child enters public Kindergarten. ECS includes two parts:
  1. Developmental screening to evaluate your child’s motor development, social/emotional, speech and language, and cognition skills.
  2. Health screening which includes a vision, hearing, an immunization review, and a height/weight check.
This is also an excellent opportunity for parents to become familiar with our preschool program and early childhood resources available in the community. Appointments are scheduled when children are  3-1/2 to 4 years old.

Upcoming 2020-2021 screening dates are:
  • Friday, September 18
  • Friday, October 23
  • Saturday, October 24
  • Friday, November 6
  • Saturday, November 7
  • Friday, December 4
Sign-up for an appointment time HERE. Or call Dawn Hilgers at 763-972-6210, ext 1103 with questions.

Fee: Free