COVID Changes & Sign-Ups

ALL TAC members will need to utilize Lot 3 for parking and Door 31 for access to the facility at all times of the day. Please do not park in the reserved spots.

Fitness Room Sign Up Links

Due to COVID restrictions, please sign-up for a time in the Circuit Room and/or Weight Room below:

Changes to Availability during School Year

The Tiger Activity Center is a unique space and partnership that provides access to facilities for both students, staff, and the community at large. As a result, this facility is both a fitness center and school site. The District has worked, and will continue to make the best decisions possible, to provide equitable access for members and students during this unprecedented time. The dual nature of this facility, however, will require enhanced organization and communication due to differences in guidelines by state officials governing the two uses. Please note that changes to this plan will evolve as recommendations from the CDC, MDH, and/or MDE are made available.

Walking Track
  • The walking track, circuit room, and weight room facilities will remain accessible to TAC members in accordance with their procedures and in coordination with the limits/guidelines by state officials.
  • Additionally, the Walking Track is off limits to members while students are present. When students are using the Walking Track, members may utilize the TAC floor for walking/running. PE staff will make all efforts to stay off the walking track.
  • PE staff will notify TAC staff in advance of requiring the Walking Track for entire periods for the purpose of notification of members.

Fitness Center (Circuit Room / Weight Room)
  • The Fitness Center schedule for member and DHS Phy. Ed. is according to the schedule below. This schedule is only in effect during Hybrid Learning (our current learning model). A new schedule will be developed in the event that the learning model changes.
  • Availability of the Fitness Center to members will be subject to state/county guidelines in the event of Distance Learning.
  • PE teachers will notify TAC staff of opportunities to expand member access at least one week in advance. Members should attend to their sign up procedures for availability.
  • PE teachers will be responsible for cleaning the Fitness Center following student use. 

Fitness Center Availability During Hybrid and In Person Learning*

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:00 - 8:15 AM Open to Members
8:15 - 10:30 AM Closed to Members Open to Members Closed to Members
10:30 AM - 1:30 PM Open to Members
1:30 - 2:15 PM Closed to Members Open to Members Closed to Members
2:45 PM - Close Open to Members

*This schedule applies to all typical 5 day weeks. On atypical weeks, whenever ALL students are distance learning, the Fitness Center will be wholly available to members.

Other School Facilities
  • All other school facilities are off limits to TAC members during school hours (7:30 am to 3:15 pm)

*Student/Staff use of TAC facilities
  • Non-member students wishing to use the circuit room and/or weight room after school hours may do so if they pay the daily use rate on days they attend school in person. All sign-up procedures must be followed as applied to TAC members
    • Circuit Room Sign Up
    • Weight Room Sign Up
    • Students failing to attend a reserved time will be prohibited from reserving future spots. Students accessing these facilities must exit the building and enter through Door 31. TAC Courts will NOT be available to students.
    • Member students may use the facility according to the member procedures any day the TAC is available to members outside the school day.
  • Non-member staff wishing to use the circuit room and/or weight room on work days may do so if they adhere to the sign up procedures as applied to TAC members.

TAC staff, in concert with the Activities Department at DHS will continually monitor the facility needs of our programming and communicate changes as they become relevant. In the event that co-curriculars are cancelled, we will investigate the potential of opening courts for reserved use by students and TAC members.