Team Managers: Please take a few moments to fill out points for your team members.

Students involved in DI during their school career will accumulate points toward lettering but must be on a DI team at least one (1) year in grades 7-12 in order to actually letter.

Participants in the Delano DI Program (in grades 7-12) will earn an academic letter when they have accumulated 70 points. These students initially receive a Delano "D," a Delano DI pin, and a gold bar. Gold bars go to those who have previously lettered, but accumulated enough points to letter again. Points carry over from year to year. 

Special Points: If a Delano DI team member attends either the state or global tournament as a spectator/supporter of another team, the advisory team will award them additional points. Please contact chris.runke@delanoschools.org to obtain them.