About DI

The Destination Imagination program helps kids build important, lifelong skills, such as problem solving, teamwork and divergent thinking.

Teams solve two types of Challenges within the program year. The Central Team Challenge involves structural, technical, or theatrical oriented Challenges and takes several months to solve. Throughout that time the teams also practice improvisational Instant Challenges, which stimulate the team's ability to think quickly and creatively with only minutes to prepare solutions.

When tournament time rolls around, each team's score reflects its Central Team Challenge performance plus its response to an Instant Challenge. Click here to learn more about the Team Challenges.

Destination Imagination is a membership-based organization. On a yearly basis, thousands of committed volunteers, parents, educators, and former program participants generously offer their time and effort in support of the program. Many of these volunteers serve as Team Managers, Program Coordinators, Tournament Officials as well as Affiliate and International Board members.

Corporate America believes in Destination Imagination! Our program receives significant corporate support from several important organizations, including National Dairy Council (our International Sponsor) as well as 3M, Philips Consumer Electronics, Inc., Best Buy and Sam Goody.  Sponsorship opportunities exist at the international and local levels.

Additional details information can be obtained by visiting the Minnesota and National DI websites: www.mndi.org or www.destinationimagination.org